The Most Natural Landscape in America (I)

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is divided into five districts: the mammoth hot spring area in the northwest is dominated by limestone steps, so it is also called the hot step area; the northeast is Roosevelt area, still retains the old western landscape; the middle is the canyon area, which can see the Yellowstone Grand Canyon and the waterfall. The southeast is the Yellowstone Lake area, mainly the lakes and mountains; the west and southwest are the geyser areas, which are filled with geysers, hot springs, steam, hot water pools, mud and fumaroles.

The Yellowstone Park is rich in landforms such as the imposing Old Faithful Geyser, the colourful Grand Prismatic Spring, the tranquil Yellowstone Lake, the rushing Yellowstone Falls, the magnificent Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, and the beautiful Mammoth Hot Spring. In addition, as the largest wildlife sanctuary in the United States, Yellowstone Park is home to a large number of wild animals. The largest group of American bisons seen in Yellowstone Park are often seen in elk and antelope. People even have the opportunity to see the reindeer fight, the little black bears playing on the grasslands, and from time to time can see the eagle flying through the sky. There is a museum of historical monuments in the park, and there are thousands of hot springs. These hot springs are rippling, and hundreds of geysers spray boiling water, is known as “the most beautiful surface on the earth.”

The Yellowstone Gorge in the park is located between the fishing bridge and the tower. The river flowing from the Yellowstone Lake flows through the steep canyon caused by the 38-kilometer zone.1 1 2 steel pipe It is known as the Yellowstone Grand Canyon. This is the most magnificent and beautiful scenery of Yellowstone. The 97-kilometer-long Yellowstone River is the only river in the United States that has no dams. Here, the river suddenly became anxious, flushing the splashes of water, forming two magnificent waterfalls, roaring into the Grand Canyon. The two waterfalls are 130 meters high, which is the upper waterfall; the other is 100 meters high, called the lower waterfall.

And the Yellowstone volcano in the park is the largest and still active super volcano in North America, and it has erupted several times in the past two million years. The lava and volcanic ash that is sprayed also covers most of the park. Thanks to its continued active state, half of the world’s geothermal resources are located in the Yellowstone Park area. Yellowstone is also at the heart of the Great Yellowstone ecosystem, the largest and still nearly intact natural ecosystem in the northern temperate zone. This volcano is located in the northwestern part of the US Midwest, Wyoming, the Yellowstone volcano covers an area of nearly 9,000 square kilometers. It is centered on the west thumb of the west of Yellowstone Lake, 15 miles east to west, 50 miles south to north, forming a huge crater. It is the largest active volcano in the world.


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